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5 ‘secrets’ to share selection

With many Australian’s turning to growth assets in order to chase better returns than those offered by the banks, this article identifies five ‘secrets’ to share selection for those investors looking to gain exposure into the share market.

Sacrificing your mortgage to build wealth?

With interest rates at the lowest they’ve ever been, does utilising surplus income to pay off your mortgage still provide the best bang for your buck? And if not, what are the alternatives? This article includes an informative case study that compares paying down your mortgage vs wealth creation via superannuation.

Financial Abuse: The unseen side of family violence

Cathy knew the relationship was in trouble, but she hung on, hoping it would improve. It was the day she found herself trying to take their three young children to school and about to run out of petrol, when she decided to make a stand. She put $20 of petrol into her near-empty car and […]

What to do if you aren’t a financially compatible couple?

With financial issues cited as one of the major reasons for marriage and relationship breakdowns, this article prompts readers to discuss their financial goals and values with their significant others, and provides tips to begin the often-confronting conversation. The article closes with a recommendation to seek assistance from your financial adviser.