Ian B – Recovering from divorce

I first met Ian 13 years ago when he was 59 years old. At the time he had gone through a divorce which resulted in a settlement that reduced his super balance to under $70,000.

Ian was faced with the challenge to rebuild his wealth again and have peace of mind that he can retire debt-free! At the time, Ian realised that it was a tall order to achieve this. The share market had just experienced the worst market downturn in the modern era and there were a lot of uncertainties.

We got clear on Ian’s goals and put in place clever strategies to help him build up his retirement savings again. Surely and patiently, we took each year as it came.

Over the years, Ian found love again and we adjusted his financial strategy as it developed. It brought me great joy to know that I have made a difference to Ian’s life and the great friendship we made.

Fast forward to 2021 and Ian looked set to retire. We had worked together in turning around his financial situation. Ian now spends more time with family and doing the things that bring him greater joy. Here’s to many more years of friendship to come!

Ian’s Testimonial: “I have known Billy Hanafi for almost two decades and during that time he has grown the wealth of myself and my wife quite substantially. In all our dealings he has shown great energy and integrity, particularly advantageous around tax time. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a financial advisor of the highest order”

In all our dealings he has shown great energy and integrity

Yours sincerely

Ian Barker

Financial Adviser – Billy Hanafi

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