Ernie and Anna C – Able to retire early

I met Ernie 11 years ago at a time when he was ready to start planning for his retirement. His goals were to be able to retire early and enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as cooking, travelling and spending time with his wife, Anna, and family.

At the time, he did not think that this goal was possible for him. We took great care in planning out his retirement and investment strategies.

Over the years, we were able to build a robust retirement balance and gave Ernie more confidence about his financial situation. Ernie felt more in control of his finances and he began to realise that his goals were becoming more and more achievable.

Then the company he worked for had a major restructure which led Ernie’s position to become redundant. Having been guided in his financial planning journey, Ernie took the opportunity to retire early. He was under 60 at the time.
Today, Ernie spends time with Anna and his family, enjoys cooking and when the travelling restrictions are lifted, would love to continue travelling around the world again.

Ernie’s testimonial: “I just wanted to share a quick note that Anna and I want to thank you for a job well done. It’s not easy handling our money over to a stranger and hoping we’ve made the right decision. After all these years we know we made the right decision. You make time for any enquiry we may have and you’re so approachable. Your patience in explaining the ever changing market has allowed us to learn more about the share market”

After all these years we know we made the right decision

Financial Adviser – Billy Hanafi

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