Marie-Anne and Herve D – Recovering from redundancy

I met Marie-Anne 13 years ago when the company she worked for when through a restructure and as a result, her position was made redundant. I recalled how stressful it was for her at the time and how she described her future as uncertain.

Having no control over this redundancy, she knew that it was important to take more care with her finances and wanted advice on how to make the most of her super. Marie-Anne had little experience with investing was concerned about taking risk with her investments.

We took the time, worked on a detailed budget and took great care with the planning process. Marie-Anne found work again and we worked on building up her super as she approached retirement. Most importantly, we wanted to make sure that she was in control of her finances in case she was faced with another company restructure.

Over the years, Marie-Anne had built up her wealth to a comfortable level and took time to travel around the world and back to her hometown in Mauritius with her husband Herve. In 2020, we were faced with the Covid-19 global pandemic. It became a stressful time again for many people and businesses in Australia and around the world.
It was uncertain times again for many. But not for Marie-Anne.

The financial strategy we put in place meant Marie-Anne was in a far stronger position financially and she had the luxury of having the option to retire which she took. Today she spends quality time with Herve, her children and grandchildren with the knowledge that she is comfortable in retirement.

Marie-Anne’s Testimonials: “We have known Billy for quite a few years and he’s always been approachable and helpful. Billy is aware I’m not a risk taker and has always respected our wishes regarding my husband and my investments and has never forced his opinion on us.”

he’s always been approachable and helpful

Financial Adviser – Billy Hanafi

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